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Medical Team

Our Vision

Reliable Exams was created to provide testing in efforts to prevent and intervene in the early stages of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes diagnosis, by providing phlebotomy services and free health fairs to the community.

In addition, we sell some of the most reliable testing equipment, used for medical examinations, in our online store.

We also do business as Reliable Friends, which is the marketing and promotions arm of our company.

We believe that in order to help and heal the community, it must be made whole and functional.  We need our local businesses to thrive, just as we need our citizens to be healthy.  


Our intention is to reeducate the population and restore health in the community with early diagnosis of diseases through testing, health fairs and recommendations of a sustainable practicable healthy way of lifestyle. We also provide paramedical, DNA testing and wellness services either directly or through referral to help people maintain and improve their health situations.  We have recently expanded our services to include Digital Marketing, Print Media and Video Promotions, to assist local businesses in the communities we serve. 


Reliable Friends TV

Reliable Friends TV

Reliable Friends TV
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Reliable Exams Exclusive Commercial v2

Reliable Exams Exclusive Commercial v2

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